Like Father, like Son

Like Father, like Son
: I watched Mel Gibson’s interview on ABC the other night and came to the uncomfortable feeling that Mel’s a bit crackers. He has that scary stare and set-in-stone perspective of a cultist.

Now we see that his father — already known as a Holocaust-denying nut, whom Gibson angrily protected in that interview — can’t keep his spittle-spewing yap shut.

In the bizarre interview, Gibson also said Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan should be lynched and called for the government to be overthrown….

Some of his most outrageous rants focused on the millions of Jews exterminated by Adolf Hitler.

“They claimed that there were 6.2 million in Poland before the war, and they claimed after the war there were 200,000 – therefore he must have killed 6 million of them,” he said. “They simply got up and left! They were all over the Bronx and Brooklyn and Sydney, Australia, and Los Angeles.”

: UPDATE: I just email from one Leather Penguin (damn, it feels silly quoting some people) wondering whether the Gibson Sr. story is a scam:

I may be wrong, but this looks bogus. I read the article, didn’t recognize the call letters or the host’s name (I’m a talk radio junkie), and spent ten seconds looking them up.

WSNR is a sports radio station, the host in question isn’t on their talent roster, and the show in question isn’t on their schedule. I’m especially disappointed with the NY Daily News running this story as it was presented on their website. Talkline, who supposedly syndicates this radio show to WSNR, doesn’t have the host’s name anywhere on their website. And one guy they have listed as having a syndicated show on WSNR–which WSNR also doesn’t list–supposedly airs from 10AM-12PM, which would be one hell of a shift….

Looks like good reporting, Mr. Penguin.

: UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: See the comments. Many poke holes in Penguin’s conclusions. We fact-check your fact-checking.