Oh, hi, Al…

Oh, hi, Al…
: The most amusing phone call of coming days will be Al Gore trying to endorse Kerry or Edwards. They, of course, should run far away fast.

  • John

    To quote the professor: heh

  • Reid

    SNL already beat you to the punch. They had a hilarious segment week before last where Kerry tells Gore he’ll see him at the convention in Salt Lake City.

  • Ebb Tide

    Dem Candidate:
    ::::tapping on the phone:::: Al, sorry, you’re breaking up ::::::tapping on the phone:::: Al, I’ll call you right….. :::::dial tone:::::

  • Paul H.

    At the upcoming Democratic convention Al should rush out onto the stage in a last-minute surprise and give the newly proclaimed nominee a tremendous, minutes-long kiss. Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco can preside approvingly.
    Maybe all the pundits will “ooh and aah” at how marvelously Al has transcended his problem, just like they did at the Dem convention in 2000.

  • The real quesiton is should either of them take Dean’s endorsement. I don’t think it’s a terrific idea actually.

  • Poor Al…

  • Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll endorse both of them, leading directly to Sharpton/Kucinich 2004. that would sure as hell save the GOP some advertising dollars.

  • tja

    The GOP doesn’t need to “save” advertising dollars – there is more than enough to go around.

  • Kate

    You know… if Drudge really wanted to create mischief, he’d report on clandestine meetings between Kerry and Gore
    and sit back and wait for the denials…

  • Maybe Jeff went back in time to give the SNL writers the idea, did you ever think of that?
    I’d do that if I had a time machine.

  • Leland

    That’s one of those absurd ideas that sounds like it could actually occur. It is not difficult at all to figure out how that can be spun.

  • Anonymous

    “Hi, Al! … Huh? … What’s that? ….. Actually, our list of endorsements is getting pretty long these days. Have you tried calling the Bush campaign?”

  • Ron

    And what if Gore endorses Bush?