Dean, toasting

Dean, toasting
: Dean’s making an announcement at 1p today. Already, the Deaniacs are sitting shiva for the campaign on the blog.

: Dean’s campaign obit from the AP.

  • God those people are creepy.

  • Dan Herzlich

    He’s supposed to keep “his supporters organized on behalf of Democratic causes.” He and his supporters have the LEAST credibility of any group. Okay, he throws his support to Edwards. So what? Dr. No continues with his negative campaign. He’s anti-Kerry, anti-Democratic party and he can’t appreciate the concepts of negotiation and compromise. His campaign is snake-bit and now he thinks he’s going to run the show from the sidelines.
    Dean and his crew have proven their expertise at turning off the American voters. The mothership is calling, prepare to beam aboard, make it so and GO AWAY.

  • hen

    i’ve been to plenty of shivas and not once were the mourners saying “no it’s ok, he’s just resting”.
    let me concur with Eric: these people are beyond creepy. true believers in the worst sense of the word.

  • Ebb Tide

    I heard he is creating a PAC…. maybe he’ll become a lobbyist next…. so much for being an outsider.

  • I wonder what sort of effect a Dean endorsement would have on Edwards’ campaign. It strikes me that Dean supporters are the least likely to back Edwards. They’ve run campaigns that are polar opposites: Dean appealing to the progressive, angry fringe and Edwards appealing to the feel-good moderates.
    Somehow, I think now that Dean’s out of the picture, most of his supporters will wander aimlessly, looking for the next WTO protest to join. If anything, a Dean endorsement may actually hurt Edwards’ credibility, and won’t produce many more voters.

  • “‘E’s not dead! ‘E’s pining for the fjords!”