e, the conference

e, the conference
: Kevin Werbach, who runs the Supernova conference, proposes expanding it to add on e, the conference, a gathering I proposed after ETech “devoted to the impact of Internet technology on our lives.” He suggests in the comments below:

What if we did it around Supernova? I understand the appeal of a stand-alone event, but it would be easier to piggyback (at least the first time out). Assuming the hotel space is still available those days, I can provide a venue at the Westin Santa Clara.

Jeff is right that there is four days worth of material to cover, but that’s a long time for a conference. I would propose doing it over two days either before or after Supernova (which is Thursday and Friday June 24-25). What say ye?

Well, I’d certainly vote for Tuesday and Wednesday over the weekend. And I wish it were in a more geographically accessible venue. Can such a conference — on the impact of citizens’ control on media, marketing, politics, the world, and education — be put together in such short order?

What say ye, e people?