Cut the ropes

Cut the ropes
: Edwards is challenging Kerry to a one-on-one debate. Amen. Let all the others float away; they’re not in this race anymore. I want to see these guys go up against each other to fight for my vote.

  • This is great for Edwards. Even if Kerry refuses, he gets his name in every report which mentions Kerry.

  • Reminds me of when candidate Reagan kept challenging Carter to a one on one, though, of course, that was a rather different situation. Reading too many books on Reagan at the moment, me thinks.
    It looks like Edwards is going to fall to about four or five percent behind Kerry, though it could be quite a bit greater than that. CNN projected Kerry the winner, and Drudge’s exit polls showed about a ten point margin. We’ll see.
    I think Edwards should have gone on TV and done a speech when it showed the results were neck and neck.

  • Ebb Tide

    I think I saw him on Fox with Hannity doing a live shot when it was still close. He was making the rounds.

  • I saw him come on CNN, but it was only a sort of one on one talk with commenters. I’m sure you’re right, though: he wouldn’t have wasted the opportunity.

  • Joe Peden

    Kerry will not debate, because all he can do, in his balless estimation, is lose from the debate.
    If he had any balls, however, he would debate, since he would realize that debating would indicate he has balls, which would help him immensely against Bush, who has very big balls. Kerry would also show to himself that he has balls, which he has never realized, since he criticizes his own war effort.
    Is Kerry afraid of John Edwards? Then he has no balls. Kerry must risk it, in order to win, in order to show he can defend himself, or at least assert himself.
    If he cannot defend himself or assert himself, he cannot defend the Country. He loses. Kerry must debate.
    But, he will not. Why? Because he has no balls. Kerry, also, has no thought, which is the same as having no balls. He, in his own way, is another Howard Dean: no balls because no thought.
    Can we say,”Just another airhead”?

  • Go Edwards!!

  • Jeff B.

    The interesting thing is that, according to the polls, registered Democrats still overwhelmingly favored Kerry (2-1 margin, I believe, or something close – a nickel to the first poster who gives an accurate statistic). It was the independent and Republican voters who brought Edwards within striking distance. But those two constituencies are not known for selecting the Democratic nominee – the major Super Tuesday primaries are all closed, I believe.
    Anyone want to perform a shoestring analysis? What does this show, other than the fact that rank-and-file Democrats are about as witless as I had feared? (Come on, KERRY over EDWARDS? Those people must just really hate Southerners or something.)

  • Jeff B. —
    That’s almost verbatim what I said at my blog. I don’t see this as having much effect on the race.
    Call me a cynic, I guess.

  • kkl

    C’mon, what does that have to do with balls? *Snerk*

  • Tonto

    Edwards’ strong showing indicates just how fragile the Kerry bubble really is. All it took was an alleged bimbo eruption, a story about about the third richest president ever, and a tepid debate performance. If Dean had gotten out of this before today, Edwards would have won Wisconsin handily. Dean may be remembered as the spoiler of the Democrats’ 2004 hopes.

  • standa

    Kerry is a windbag who’s running on a platform of platitudes and false promises. He has way too much of an artificial persona trying to be what he is really not. His pandering to special interests is disgusting. The media is pumping Kerry ( a red flag ) who comes across as a ‘Bush lite’ i.e. most of the largess will still go to those “very special interest groups”.
    Edwards comes across as genuine and is smart and engaging. Has a better platform than Kerry and Edwards has more in common with Dean (which I like)
    Edwards Two Americas resonates with alot of Americans
    “Today, under George W. Bush, there are two Americas, not one: One America that does the work, another that reaps the reward. One America that pays the taxes, another America that gets the tax breaks. One America – middle-class America – whose needs Washington has long forgotten, another America – narrow-interest America – whose every wish is Washington’s command. One America that is struggling to get by, another America that can buy anything it wants, even a Congress and a president.”

  • Jeremy

    Of course, unlike Dean, Edwards is not nuts. Or a jerk.
    Still, the typical democratic speech about how the rich are evil is at least somewhat plausible from Edwards, given he (or rather his wife) isn’t almost a billionaire. But he’s still rich.
    Anyway, he’s not like Dean, because AFAIK, he doesn’t want to raise taxes on the middle class, just the rich. Dean wants to raise taxes on everyone. Which is insane. Even Kerry wouldn’t do that.

  • Brad

    I hate to get all conspiratorial, but if the polls are right and the big push for Edwards came from the Republican camp I wonder if this wasn

  • Campaign poster ideas for John Edwards: the un-Kerry. Beverage all over the keyboard warning on this one.

  • Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich would make GREAT debate moderators.

  • dean just announced he’s out of the race campaigning-wise, but will leave his name on the ballot.

  • Joe Peden

    As Edwards is a member of the oppressor class, it is not surprising that he seeks support from his potential victims, the “other” America. This is the way oppressors work.

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