The making of a nut, 2004

The making of a nut, 2004
: Micah Sifry predicts that Nader will run. He’s pure ego, Ralph. But this time, I don’t think anyone will be fooled. Kucinich is getting more votes that Ralph will. Says Micah:

And then there’s this: I also think he’s living in the past. Today, he’s quoted in the New York Times as saying that he wasn’t bothered by the fact that as of Saturday, he only had 375 people registered at, against 188,000 for Dean, 45,000 for Kerry, 23,000 for Kucinich and 9,000 for Edwards.

In response, he says, “I really don’t deal with the Web. There isn’t enough time in the day to go into virtual reality.”

That quote should lead Nader’s political obituary.

: Doc wins the headline award: Ralph nadir