Dean’s blogger

Dean’s blogger
: Dean’s blogger, Matthew Gross, who did a spectacular job creating the candidate’s online presence, is back blogging on his own site (which I take as a sign, don’t you?).

He’s repeating the Trippi mantra: broadcast bad, internet good… broadcast bad, internet good… broadcast bad, internet good. I take that as disingenuous, though. Dean spent a fortune on TV. It didn’t take because the candidate didn’t take.

And the internet strategy is really just a variant of a broadcast strategy: a way to get your message out to as many people as possible as efficiently as possible.

Broadcast was cheaper and more efficient and effective than whistle-stop tours. And the internet is cheaper and more efficient (but not yet more effective) than broadcast. But it’s still about getting the candidate’s message out.

It’s not the medium that’s the problem. It’s the message. And no, the medum is not the message. Dean tried to make it the message. But it didn’t work.

: Here’s Gross’ exit interview with the American Prospect.