e, the conference

e, the conference
: ETech has shown the way by adding a day on digital democracy to a conference that is otherwise devoted to Internet technology. I think it’s time for somebody to to split off and spawn another conference devoted to the impact of Internet technology on our lives: e, the conference.

Day 1: Media. How citizens’ media is complementing and competing with (depending on your perspective and wisdom) established media. The people take over the media.

Day 2: Marketing: Tim O’Reilly said success in the future will depend on user contributions; how do smart companies relate to customers in the future? Now the customers are in control.

Day 3: Politics: ETech’s day was a good start. But at this conference, it’s important to get more perspectives — right and left.

Day 4: The world. I was going to add this onto day 3 but making the list of what’s possible, it became clear this is worth a day. We need to bring together experience from the impact of the Internet on life all over the world. Pedram will bring in Iranian bloggers to teach the next teach-in; Joi will bring in folks from Japan, I’m sure; Loic will import them from the EU; Ethan will bring them from Africa.

Day 5: Education. Is the book still the best way to learn or is the screen? We’ve not even begun to mine the educational gold in this networked world.

Add in some BOF sessions on religion and such. Make technology, business models, and social implications a part of every day. Get plenty of bandwidth. Invite smart people. And, voila, you have a window on the future.

That’s the conference I want to sign up for.