Trippi 1.1

Trippi 1.1
: When Joe Trippi came to ETech word seeped here and there that he’d registered a new domain for The Next Thing: I confirmed that he’d registered it but found nothing there.

Now Micah Sifry links us to the first post in the Trippi blog:

This is where I intend to keep, in my own small way, my part in the changing of America and our politics going….

I am still trying to figure out what I am actually going to do with the rest of my life, so far its always been about changing or messing with something bigger than me.

The one thing I know I want to do, is continue to do my part to build a community with a mission of changing our country for the better.

So here starts a new blog….

It’s more about Trippi than the movement.

No one is going to change America for you. You have to work for the change you want — and you have to get other Americans to join your cause.

Change for America is my attempt to continue to just that — so join in, comment away, and lets continue the fight to rid our country of the Bush administration (the first step to real change).

So it’s about anger and change, still.

I don’t have much in tech support as of yet, but over time I hope this blog will be a lot better than it is today — kind of reminds me of those days 13 months or so ago — when there were only a few of us and we started the ugliest blog in America — the Call to Action blog. It helped to launch something special, hopefully the Change for America Blog humble as it is will launch something special as well.

Thank you for reading and participating.

The Next American Revolution is only just beginning.

And so it starts with technology.

But change for what, to what, and why?

If I were Dean and the Deaniacs, I’d be upset that Trippi is already starting a competitor before the body is even cold. There’s still a very open question of what is going to happen to DeanSpace.

The movement is breaking up….