: Alex Beam arises out of his coffin to blog-bash post-Dean:

What is that whooshing sound that you hear? It is all the hot air escaping from the self-styled “blogosphere.”…

Game over, webheads. John Kerry is cruising to the Democratic nomination the old-fashioned way….

Nowadays, visiting the official Howard Dean website is like watching a movie called Dead Blogs Walking….

The Internet can be likened to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Ten years ago, the Web was going to put newspapers out of business. Now, hilariously, 99 percent of the Internet commentariat, my friends the “bloggers,” spend all day spitballing, commenting upon, and stealing the content of papers such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Globe.

And as for the Deaniacs — where can they go? The received wisdom is that the power of the Internet mobilized Dean supporters from men and women who had been alienated from politics as usual. But if they really want George Bush out of the White House, they will have to wake up before 8 p.m. on Nov. 2, skip the trip to Starbucks, and pull the old-fashioned lever down at the polling place.

The next election may be held online, but this one won’t be.

You can close the lid again, Alex.