More the merrier

More the merrier
: The World Editors Forum starts a blog for newsroom execs.

: Digging into the links of this World Editors’ Forum, I find some interesting things going on at their annual confab in Istanbul.

A session I’d love to join in on:

Press credibility in the digital age: new attacks, new answers

The list of challengers to print newspapers is growing: cable TV, online services, mobile phones, free newspapers… and even “bloggers” on the internet. And to make matters worse, the credibility of the press is now lower than that of television in some countries. TV more serious than print? Editors must think about this unsettling paradox. In this age of digital information, are there new rules or new guidelines to establish?

And this:

Arab media : an emerging power

From CNN leadership in 1991 to Al Jazeera (and Al Arabiya) power in 2003… Arab television played a major role during the war in Iraq and its aftermath. But what about Arab newspapers? Do they have a major influence on public opinion? And what is the balance between professional and ideological issues within the newsrooms? Which lessons, last, from the baghdad bloggers ?

Salam Pax is a scheduled speaker.