Oh, grow up, America

Oh, grow up, America
: I would say this is getting ludicrous but, of course, it already was. It’s getting ludicrouser and ludicrouser….

The NFL is changing the Pro Bowl’s halftime show because of Janet Jackson’s breast-baring at the Super Bowl.

Singer J.C. Chasez was dumped from the program at Sunday’s all-star game in Hawaii after fellow N’Sync member Justin Timberlake’s stunt with Jackson at the championship game.

The new Pro Bowl halftime plan includes hula dancers, drummers, conch shell blowers and local singers.

And that will be a big hit! Maybe the hula dancers should wear body suits and lots of grass. And the drummers better not use sexy jungle rhythms. And I don’t know, but doesn’t blowing a conch sound downright obscene?

Jeesh. Buddy Holly died 45 years ago this week. You’d think we’d have learned how to deal with sex ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll by now.

: And what’s wrong with this picture: Janet Jackson is getting banned from the public airwaves and Michael Jackson isn’t…