Crossing the breast line

Crossing the breast line
: The one area where Europe beats America is breasts. Europe admits they exist. So you see them on billboards, on TV, in parks. No big. Just breasts. So Janet Jackson shows one on TV… kinda. It was covered/adorned with a steel-tipped pastie that made it look, in Howard Stern’s description, like a Christimas-tree ornament. (Later, he said it looked like a football.) No big. Just a breast. Time for us to grow up and not get our thongs in a twist over this. Oh, there’ll be a 48-hour furor but it’s hypocritical as hell in a show that pushed no end of chemical cures for erectile dysfunction. What’s so wrong with showing the organic cure?

: Adam Curry says get over it.

: Tom Shales huffs.

: UPDATE: Correspondent Tim Windsor says the MTV press release about Jackson’s “shocking” performance has been disappeared from the TV site. But it’s cached on Google.

: UPDATE II: Michele gets off her sickbed to shout at America: It was just a breast!