That moment

That moment
: The Janet Jackson moment. What will Britney do on the Grammys to beat that?

: The FCC wanted to protect America from the penis. What about the breast? Is there a fairness doctrine for private parts?

  • Charlie

    I hate to admit it, but I was actually watching the half-time show, perfunctorily, and I still missed it.
    Drudge is going ape, though. The End Of Civilization is clearly upon us.

  • Crid

    CBS has expressed all kinds of regret that a little playful titty interrupted the four hour show of huge, healthy men beating the shit out of each other.

  • I waited through the seemingly interminable “show,” to see who the Mystery Guest was. When I saw it was Justrin Timberlake (who is to the NFL the same as the Pope is to Synchromized Swimming), I groaned, and headed for the kitchen.
    I tuned out, and missed the titular moment.
    One has to wonder how much further these Celebrity Shock moments will escalate. We started with the Britney/Madonna kiss, and we’ve moved on to exposed breasts. What will the Grammy’s bring next week? Surely one of them has something juicy planned.

  • I’d like to think this was Justin and Janet’s protest against CBS refusing to run that ad.. “We’ve got your controversial public policy issue… right HERE!!!”

  • HH

    Next for the Grammys… Crotch-a-palooza!

  • andursonne

    Yes, Jeff, next thing let’s have an orgy on the freaking stage. The Big Three would get better ratings if they aired soft core porn instead of Will and Grace, so let’s change the law and forbid all people from wearing clothing on tv! How could they get so upset about the fact that our society no longer has any standards?
    I can’t wait for the fallout.

  • andursonne

    BTW I will be absolutely enraged if we don’t get to see Britney’s clit at the Grammys.

  • MTV’s Statement:
    “The tearing of Janet Jackson’s costume was unrehearsed, unplanned, completely unintentional [except for tear-away snaps, tinsel pasties and Timberlake’s stated goals] and was inconsistent with assurances we had about the content of the performance.”

  • The pasties says it was planned from start to end. Contrived for the moment of shock. The sooner we state “Tsk, Tsk, how childish,” and walk away, the sooner this kind of behavior will cease. The more attention paid to it, the more of it we get to see.
    Sigh, how boring too.

  • Jeremy

    I think she was just trying to end the rumors that she and Michael are the same person.

  • Yes, Michael’s pasties are much more elaborate…

  • Do any of you not getting worked up over this have any kids — who actually watched and saw what happened?
    Yeah, it is fine for men to rip a girl’s bra off in public. This was the SuperBowl! It wasn’t the grammys.
    My blog is devoted to low-carb, but I had a Super Bowl post so I felt I had to write about it.
    Dear CBS,
    We had a group of families watching the Superbowl, including the half-time show. This group included a 7-year old, a 10-year old, an 11-year old, a 12-year old, and a 13-year old. The display of Janet Jackson’s anatomy was uncalled for and shocking.
    Next year we will turn off the half-time show because CBS is not to be trusted with a family audience. We should have known that this wasn’t exactly family entertainment with the dance that lead up to the exposure, but this was beyond the pale.
    You owe the entire nation a public apology at the very least. You should also be fined. The damage has been done. How could you let this happen? Do any of you have kids?
    Katherine Prouty
    My 10-year old daughter is still asking me questions about it this morning. I have told her all about the birds and the bees. I’m not a prude, but this behavior is unacceptable! I can see guys groping girls at parties just following acceptable behavior, since it was shown on the Super Bowl.
    Being a Libertarian is just fine for adults, but there is a public square where it should be OK to walk hand in hand with your kids.

  • In theory a woman might wear those all the time, so the real answer to whether it was planned is, what was on the other breast?

  • Joe Peden

    Darn, I missed Mike’s tit. Looks like I didn’t miss much, ceppin fo some silicone toy.
    What I did miss was a chance to top off the totally laughable “extravaganza”, which seemed to be aimed at imbeciles, with a gigantic guffaw.
    No wonder the Islamics think we’re a problem, and weak. I didn’t know it could get any worse than the Democratic candidates.

  • Mike M

    No pasty there, just the biggest nipple ring seen to date. But wait…the nipple ring race has just begun…CBS has been badly damaged by a breast of mass destruction, who’s next…my only questions are: “where was the intel?” and “who knew beforehand?!”

  • Angus Jung

    “I can see guys groping girls at parties just following acceptable behavior, since it was shown on the Super Bowl.”
    A) I’m not sure Janet Jackson qualifies as a “girl” anymore (if we’re looking at her boob, presumably, we can’t focus on what little we can see of her collapsing face behind her hair), and;
    B) I’m not sure Justin Timberlake qualifies as “male.”
    P.S. Harrumph!

  • paladin

    You know, the feminists haven’t weighed in on this yet – on what PC planet is it acceptable for some young stud to rip off the clothes of some older broad? Oh, never mind.

  • Doctor Slack

    I can see guys groping girls at parties just following acceptable behavior, since it was shown on the Super Bowl.
    Because of course, guys were never prone to groping girls at parties before this behaviour. Whatever.