Death jets

Death jets
: FoxNews just reported that Continental canceled another flight — this one domestic, between Washington and Houston, because of specific terrorism threats.

And today Sen. Jay Rockefeller hinted that all these threats are biological.

Asked about reports that a biological or chemical agent might be used in an attack on a U.S.-bound airline, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-West Virginia, said the United States would have no way to counter such moves.

“I don’t think so, and that’s partly the problem of not checking cargo, and it’s partly the problem of biological weapons, which nobody has figured out really what to do about yet,” Rockefeller told “Fox News Sunday.” “Nobody has any idea about what to do about them on an airplane or on the ground.”

All this would be just too absurd if we had not witnessed what we witnessed two years ago.

I’m supposed to fly to San Diego next weekend but if we hear much more of this, I’m not so sure.

: reports:

Intelligence experts reportedly said threats could include the release of a biological agent on a plane so those aboard would spread the infection without knowing it.

: UPDATE: Washington Post story on the Continental cancelation.