One pill make you…

One pill make you…
: Bill Maher notes that the SuperBowl will be sponsored by competing Viagra sequels and says:

It’s more than a little ironic that, just a week after the President uses the State of the Union Address to rail against performance-enhancing drugs, we hold a Steroid Bowl brought to you by – you guessed it – performance enhancing drugs.

It all comes back to the “what’s-your-pleasure” hypocrisy in this country. If your pleasure is the slurry, cheery buzz of an apple martini, you’re legal and accepted. If it’s the serene, introspective buzz of a joint or, say, the warm, itchy buzz of Vicodin, then you’re illegal and unaccepted. If you want to risk taking a pill to get your penis hard, “ask your doctor,” but if you want to risk taking a pill to get your biceps hard, pee in this cup and turn in your locker room key.

We all have our reasons for ingesting what we ingest. We are a nation dependent upon drugs to act as an antidote to everything from our boredom and depression to our impotence and the poisoning effects of our toxic food supply. To arbitrarily single out certain drugs and certain drug users as immoral, while others skate (and profitably I might add) is a complete hypocrisy.

Hmmm. Sounds like the Rush Limbaugh defense fund.

Anil is right that Maher is finally turning his blog into a blog.