: Apologies for the site being slow today. I check Insty, who comes out of the same factory of froth, and he’s slow, too. So I’m guessing it’s just the worm terrorists causing traffic hell.

  • Nuisance != terrorism.

  • Angus Jung

    Firas != Sense of humor. :)

  • Ah, I maybe short on that Jung, but it only trips my wire because it’s the sort of language that leads to the passage of crazy network surveillance laws.

  • Angus Jung

    “I maybe short on that Jung”

  • tom

    Outside the Beltway was reporting that 40% of all web traffic was related to the MyDoom.A and .B… Not good.

  • Brad

    The worm has been horrible. At work we were forced to put another e-mail server into our cluster just to keep up with all the traffic generated by the worm.