: What are the odds that this goes to the convention? How long as it been since a race was determined there?

  • Ben Keen

    I believe the last brokered conventions were in 1952 – both the Democrats and the Republicans… The last convention that needed multiple ballots was 1956, presumably for the Democrats.

  • Stevenson was nominated on the first ballot in 1956, IIRC. The real excitement came when Stevenson threw the VP nomination to the convention to decide; among the unsuccessful candidates were JFK and Al Gore, Sr.

  • lk

    It may go beyond the convention, as the Republicans say – “When the race gets close, let’s go to the Supreme Court. Scalia is our ace in the hole.”

  • Peter

    Could someone please explain the logic behind the possibility that it might go to the convention?
    Dean didn’t win Iowa. Dean didn’t win NH. What will Dean win next week? If Dean doesn’t win something next week, he’ll really be on life support. Is the theory that he can hang on because he accumulated so much early money?
    Or is it just wishful thinking because you can’t believe Kerry might actually be the nominee?

  • BigFire

    Re: Peter
    Simple. Dean has too much warchest money to go away. He can afford to stay in the race for the long haul.

  • kkl

    lk, they really say that? Who knew? Cynical much?

  • anne.elk

    lk, that was great, thanks!

  • Charlie T.

    It’s usually pretty easy to work up a “brokered convention” scenario this early in the process, but it always breaks down somewhere along the way.
    Kerry is one more big week away from wrapping it up.

  • John Thacker

    lk– to be honest, the only *nomination* that I can remember going “beyond the convention” was recently when Toricelli dropped out after the legal date to withdraw in his NJ Senate race, and then the Democrats went to the NJ Supreme Court, which blatantly ignored the statute law, since it “was in the best interest of New Jersey to have a competitive race,” and allowed the Democratic Party to subsitute a new candidate for their old, withdrawn one. (And the SCOTUS didn’t intervene to overrule, either.)
    If you wanted to make some joke about “beyond the election,” then perhaps I could sort of see your point (though one should note that Gore went to the courts first, including the FL Supreme Court), but your “beyond the nomination” comment doesn’t make any sense. It seems like a stupid attempt to just try to bring up the 2000 election. And here I thought that Democrats were all about “moving on.”

  • JorgXMcKie

    Since I am from Illinois, I believe that if you can’t steal enough votes for a clear win you deserve whatever you get from the Supreme Court.

  • lk

    John Thacker – it was a joke. Ha Ha. I’ll try to be more serious some other time, when the subject (politics) is not funny. Wait, “politics” is always funny, or should I say “politics” are always funny? I better checks with the White House grammarian.