Any enemy of yours is…

Any enemy of yours is…
: Qiwi Lisolet (what a great name, eh? I hope it’s real) wonders about my suggestion that we should counteract our overdoes of friends networks with an enemies network:

Does this mean that the enemy of my enemy’s enemy is my enemy?

A question for friend networks and foreign policy alike.

  • I think I said this in your comments the other day — enemies are just as important as friends in building communities. Will be fun to watch the VCs try to turn this idea into money.

  • Bruce H.

    >> Qiwi Lisolet (what a great name, eh? I hope it’s real)
    Sorry, it’s the name of a character in Vernor Vinge’s book A Deepness in the Sky.

  • Unlettered me. Oh, well. Vernor Vinge’s a neat name, too. Tell me it’s not a nom de plume.

  • Michael Hanson

    Vernor Vinge is, AFAIK, the science-fiction author’s real name. I have read interviews where he explains that it rhymes with both “dingy” and “stingy”, and that if anyone can come up with a better rhyme, he would be very grateful.

  • Incidentally, I was the one wondering, not Qiwi (although I have it on good authority that she was wondering as well).
    And yes, Qiwi is a great name. Like Mango!

  • Qiwi

    Hey, I didn’t make the post, but I’ll accept the compliment on Mr. Vinge’s behalf.
    According to guidance provided by VV in Deepness, Qiwi is pronounced “Chiwi” rather than “Kiwi”.
    Mmmmm, fruit.