No feed, no read

No feed, no read
: I find that if a blog doesn’t have an RSS feed, I don’t end up reading it.

  • KMK

    close the bold tag

  • Peter

    I agree. The only blog I read on a regular basis without RSS is Andrew Sullivan.

  • I agree completely.
    It completely rules out most blogspot blogs which is almost sad…but fortunately most people get off blogspot fairly quickly (if they are serious about blogging).

  • I have a low carb blog and I’ve been reading a lot about RSS feeds the past few days, but I haven’t found the answer to this question. I’m on typepad and I have an XML syndicate link… does RSS read this format or not? Or do I need to get a scraper?
    (Jeesh… I used to work for Ziff-Davis, you would think I would be able to figure this out!)

  • Jettison

    What’s so great about RSS? Do you read it raw or something?

  • Jeremy

    I read blogs, and I have no idea what RSS is.

  • RSS is a way for your computer to do the checking for updates for you so you don’t have to go to the website if there’s nothing there waiting for you.

  • I’d love it if there was an RSS feed for Josh Marshall’s Talking Points, but there isn’t so I go for weeks without reading it.

  • Josh now has an RSS feed (he changed software but didn’t change his layout so it was easy to miss):

  • Jeff – I agree completely. I was shocked to see someone as smart as Esther Dyson launch a blog without an RSS feed. I keep forgetting to check in to see if she had anything interesting to say.

  • OK so I went out and got one.
    No Feedster, no readster?
    BTW Blogger is now offering Atom free of charge.

  • Aaron

    I wish James Lileks had any kind of syndication.

  • How can you tell whether or not you have it? I know I’ve got some sort of RSS template, but I have no idea if it works.

  • Silly me. I thought it was the words that mattered, not how they were delivered. I thought we’d pointed towards a world where it didn’t matter whether your words were published in the New York Times, or a weblog. It was the words that had value, not the format.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got an RSS feed, and have for a long time. But I just can’t imagine passing up valuable thoughts placed in public just because it wasn’t also offered in the alternate format of my choosing.
    It seems like we’ve lowered the “barrier of entry” for having your thoughts widely distrubted, only to raise new ones, like the lack of an RSS feed.

  • Reid: I don’t WANT to pass them up. I just find that I check scores upon scores of blogs and sites with the RSS reader because it is so convenient and tells me what has and hasn’t been updated. That means that I have to go out of my way to read those without feeds and I miss some good stuff just because of the time-consuming inconvenience. So I wish those sites did have feeds because it’s easy for everybody.

  • If I can find a stable, free client-based newsreader that runs on WinME without .NET, then I may get back into that game

  • Good news for those who read Blogger sites, they’ve just launched support for Atom feeds, and Sean, you might want to try either Newsgator, an excellent Windows program for reading syndication feeds (with Atom support coming shortly) or NewsGator, a nice reader that integrates into Outlook and is already AtomEnabled.