Gossip as government work

Gossip as government work
: Politics is just gossip. And so it is perfect that Nick Denton’s latest is a Gawker for the District: Wonkette. Nick’s announcement:

Washington, DC has always been a mystery to me. So much power, and so little sex appeal. Hollywood for ugly people, as they say. But there’s gossip, there just has to be. What DC lacks in sexiness, it makes up for in pomposity and hypocrisy. So, Wonkette, the latest blog in the Gawker stable. Wonkette is written by Ana Marie Cox, who used to write the notorious Suck column for Wired Digital, and now lives in the DC suburbs. She’s funny.

She also wrote the late lamented Antic Muse.

I was one of the many in Nick’s gigantic coterie who was pushing conquest of Washington next. Perfect place. Perfect timing. Perfect people to do it.

I love it already. Enough with the pompous mass-turbation of mass media. It’s time to bring the snark to those who deserve snarking post. Enjoy.