From scream to snore

From scream to snore
: The Dean Scream and the backlash against his negative attitude and everyone’s negative campaigning in Iowa only made all the candidates in tonight’s New Hampshire debate cautious to the point of boredom. Mistake. This debate got more attention than any before. This was the chance for a candidate to electrify the audience. Nobody did.

: Why didn’t anybody ask Dean the obvious question: What were you thinking?

: Why didn’t Clark repudiate Michael Moore?

: Why isn’t Lieberman higher in the polls?

: Roger Simon, Michael Barone (on FoxNews) and I all think that Lieberman was the stand-out. He was fearless and direct in his stance on the war. He was clear on all his stands. Beat the bunch. Sadly, the bunch will likely beat him Tuesday.

: notes that big news organizations have sidelined Lieberman before the vote.

: Michele’s mature, graphical answer to the debate. Just go.