Why Dean lost; how the winner will win

Why Dean lost; how the winner will win
: I’ll link back to my post about a week ago saying why Dean was losing: He became Dr. No, ruling the negative wing of the party.

And I’ll link back to John Podhoretz’ very good column that same day going through scenarios that give us a winner. Salient excerpts:

How Gephardt loses: It’s all over for him if he doesn’t win Iowa.

How Edwards wins: Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina places third in Iowa and wins at least 15 percent in New Hampshire. Then he has to win South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee so that it’s clear he is the Southern Democrat who can run the way Clinton ran….

How Kerry wins: Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts wins Iowa, and suddenly surges in New Hampshire, finishing second or first. He doesn’t aim his resources at South Carolina, instead keeping his powder dry for Super Tuesday….

How Lieberman wins: He doesn’t…