Bandwagon loses wheel, band

Bandwagon loses wheel, band
: With 88 percent of the votes in, Kerry wins with 38; Edwards 32; Dean 18; Gephardt 11.

Gephardt is dropping out, CNN just confirmed.

: MSNBC’s exit polls here. Some fascinating results:

: Edwards strongest with women.

: Kerry skews old.

: Kerry skews labor.

: Dean doesn’t really command the Internet demo.

: Kerry’s supporters were very last-minute.

: Kerry has strong support among those who support the war. Ditto Edward and Gephardt. In short: The war is not a winning issue. Said it before. Say it again. The war is not the war.

: Kerry’s experience was a huge factor in his favor (and Edwards’ inexperience hurts him).

: Education’s a big issue.

: Dean stands out on nothing but the war.