And they’re just as funny as Der Sturmer

And they’re just as funny as Der Sturmer
: I saw little coverage of the MoveOn awards for its commercial contest this week. Only now am I hearing more about what Margaret Cho said there.

On Bill Maher’s HBO show, he recalled: “Margaret Cho said she is more afraid of the Patriot Act than of terrorists.”

Lady, let me tell what what it was like to see a jet piloted by terrorists kill thousands of people. Then let’s hear you be so f’ing glib.

So I go to Google to try to find more of what she said and all I can find is reports from right-wing pubs, like Mens Daily News (why not the mainstream?), which says:

But Cho said Bush should not be compared to Hitler because he is not as good a leader as the instigator of the Holocaust was.

“I mean, George Bush is not Hitler,” Cho stated. “He would be if he fu**ing applied himself. I mean he just isn’t.”

What has happened to this woman? Is there no moral meter left in her brain? Millions murdered, thousands murdered, they mean nothing to Margaret Cho. She’s not only unfunny, she’s amoral.

Later in the Maher show, he says that MoveOn’s Hitler entries made the fundamental mistake of not following a simple rule of maturity: If you want to be taken seriously, don’t compare people you don’t like to Hitler. Yet then he can’t help himself. He compares Bush to Hitler:

Bush is not Hitler. For one thing, Hitler was a decorated combat veteran… Hitler got more votes than the other candidate…

Amazing that leftist “comedians” can be politically correct about everything but the worst genocide, the worst moral crime, the worst evil in history. To them, that’s just a punchline.

: What’s amazing is that Cho can turn the murderer of six million Jews into a joke but she’s offended when people get offended at what she says and call her a pig. Oh, she gets most indignant on her rambling, nonsensical, and incredibly egotisticalblog:

They spit their s*** all over me, but they don’t realize I have a global posse ready to roll. That was unexpected, there was so much support out there for me, but actually it was not for me personally, just the disenfranchised voiceless people out there who truly have concern for the world.

It was through her site that I found a link to a transcript of her offense at MoveOn posted by Drudge. Make fun of Drudge if you want, but if Cho has such a supportive posse, why didn’t I read her hilarious brand of anti-Semitism at MoveOn or perhaps Alternet? Are they perhaps a bit ashamed of her? I would be.