Salam Pax on Nightline

Salam Pax on Nightline
: I got a few emails alerting me to Salam Pax’ appearance on Nightline tonight, giving Ted Koppel a tour of his Baghdad.

I’ll look forward to it — but I also wish they gotten a tour of a few other bloggers’ Baghdads. More perspectives are what we need.

Tonight Ted Koppel tours a Baghdad that few ever see with a man known around the world by his pseudonym and by his internet diary. Seeing Iraq through the eyes of the Baghdad Blogger–tonight….

Today Ted Koppel got a tour of Baghdad from Salam Pax and saw a Baghdad few western journalists ever see. It was from this vantage point that Nightline is able to show you how Iraqis are coping with the many newfound freedoms and challenges that the war has brought: freedom to open businesses, freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

[Thanks Hylton and Robert]