Old law in new Iraq

Old law in new Iraq
: Riverbend and Zeyad are both having proper fits over an Iraqi Governing Council decision to include Sharia law in family matters.

: Meanwhile, Zeyad is working in frightening circumstances:

More bad news. A fellow dentist who will be working with me in Basrah dropped by today and informed me that another dentist who used to work at the same clinic we were assigned to was murdered this week in Basrah. He was a Christian. My friend who will be assigned with me is also Christian.

My parents are going crazy, they want me to give up the residency and stay in Baghdad. Unfortunately it isn’t that easy. If I were to leave that assignment I would be fired and I would not be allowed ever to work as a licensed dentist in Iraq. I’m really confused. what to do? What to do?

I wish we could get him a journalism scholarship in the U.S.