CBS could nix MoveOn Bush commercial

CBS could nix MoveOn Bush commercial
: Set up the picket lines now. A CBS spokesman says that the MoveOn anti-Bush commercial may not make it onto the SuperBowl. Says AdAge:

A spokesman for CBS said the Viacom-owned network has received the request from MoveOn to run the ad in the Super Bowl, but added that the ad has to go through standards and practices before CBS will say if it can run an advocacy ad during the game. The spokesman said he didn’t think it was likely that the spot would pass standards and practices.

S**t meet fan.

Now I may have carped about the carping tone of all the MoveOn anti-commercials but from any perspective — business, democracy, PR — CBS would be a horse’s rump if it refused the commercial.

Here’s the network that airs Michael Jackson’s bedtime stories.

Here’s the network that makes people eat bugs.

More to the point, here’s the network that wouldn’t air a cheesy mini critical of Ronald Reagan.

And now here’s the network that won’t air a commercial of the people that’s critical of George Bush?

Jeesh. Wanna make yourselves Exhibit 1 in the case for (conservative) media bias?

And whom are you protecting, CBS? Us? We don’t need it, thanks.