Cheesesteak under the arches

Cheesesteak under the arches
: You think it’s a glamorous life, blogging from the big city, don’t you? Well, tonight I had to go to a book party (so far so good) and then wanted to grab dinner on the way home. Nothing appealed up Columbus or down Broadway and the wind was bad enough to break my ears off. So I decided to go to good ol’ Taco Bell on the way home: sad, boring, but reliable. But as I passed by a McDonald’s, I saw that they introduced a McDonald’s Cheesesteak to this market. I couldn’t resist.

So here I was sitting in the PATH station McDonald’s behind a guy who had amazingly perfected the ability to sleep while sitting up on a stool and surrounded by other sad souls without apparent lives.

But about that cheesesteak…

It’s pretty darned good. The beef is cooked so much it caramalizes; it’s greasy meat candy. The cheese is white American (which I prefer to Cheese Whiz). The bun’s soft and just this side of dry, right for a cheesesteak, for all the grease will remoisten it. And best of all, they added only fried onions — no peppers and mushrooms, which is heresy.

It’s OK.