Death be not proud!

Death be not proud!
: This may be it — the low of lows for reality TV: A reality show set in a mortuary.

Death has never been so lively. Coming to A&E Network this spring is DEARLY DEPARTED, a powerful new series that chronicles the intense and peculiar days and nights of a Southern California family mortuary.

Three beautiful sisters, their quick-tempered father, an exacting boss, an eccentric funeral director known as “Rainman,” and an endless stream of corpses make up the core cast of this groundbreaking new reality show. DEARLY DEPARTED throws open the parlor door to the inner workings of a San Diego funeral home. The real story at Poway Bernardo Mortuary is how they compassionately console grieving families shattered by loss, as they love, love and fight as an extended family of their own.

This is a minute past snuff TV. Death isn’t funny, not real death. Fictional death may be entertaining on Six Feet Under. But in real life, death is sad — for everyone except a network executive, it appears.

What could be worse? Hospice: The Reality Show…. Child Cancer Ward: The Reality Show… Homeless Schizophrenic Psychotic Smelly Losers: The Reality Show… Network Executive: The Reality Show… [via PR Bop]