Logging the conversation

Logging the conversation
: Yesterday at lunch, Jay Rosen said he wants a blog plug-in that would automatically take the links in a given post and put them to the side because that turns the post into a curriculum (I’ll let him explain that).

I’ll add to that: I’ve long wanted a running compilation of my links — to whom am I linking and how often and what’s the trend? This tells me, among other things, which sites are the first I should read, which give me the most link value. This also tells you which sites I value and that says something about me.

This is also inspired by Dave‘s subscription commons, which, as Ross Mayfield says:

uses pooling to create network effects. Its actually very similar to FOAF efforts like Plink, as many auto-generated FOAFs come from OPMLs, although nodes aren’t people, but with the added benefit of finding what writers are reading.

In other words (that is, in English), the more we can capture and quantify what you read and to whom you link, the more we know about you; the more we can do that for your group of friends — as determined by your links — the more we know about that group; the more we know about the conversation in that group, the more we know what the buzz is.