Sullivan on Dean

Sullivan on Dean
: I can’t quite grok Andrew Sullivan’s essential endorsement of Howard Dean. Is it:

(a) the cynical act of a Bush backer who wants him to face the weakest foe?

(b) a resurgence of Sullivan’s Clinton-bashing: Anybody Clinton hates must be a friend of his? (And anybody Clinton backs — Clark — must be “a crackpot.”)

(c) the secret, forbidden longing of an in-the-closet Democrat?

He seems to disagrees with and dislike Dean on most fronts and yet thinks that having Dean represent the Democrats will somehow be like an ideological dose of Metamucil.

The Dems haven’t given themselves an opportunity to vent about the way they really feel – about those benighted rednecks, dumb-ass preppies, preposterous puritans and economic snake oil-salesmen they believe are now running the country. It would be really unhealthy for America and the Democrats to repress that any longer. They’ll give themselves a collective hernia. Dean represents an opportunity for honesty, for relief, for a true cultural clash.

No thanks, Doc. I think you’ve misprescribed. Dean is more of an irritant to the collective colon. What we need, instead, is a good dose of political Pepto.