Moveon already

Moveon already
: I just watched the 15 MoveOn ads against Bush. And I have to say that I now think the war was wrong.

Gotcha! January fools! It’d take more than seven and a half minutes of pop polemics to brainwash me.

The ads all followed the assignment: Skewer Bush in 30 seconds.

And it’s the assignment that bothers me. The assignment only extends the problem with liberalism today: It’s all about being against. It’s all about no. It’s all about bad dog, bad.

How much better it would have been to assign these creative masses to come up with ads that present a positive view of a better world without Bush and with a vision we can grab onto and support with pride.

But there’s none of that. This is all about bashing. That’s what MoveOn is about here. That’s what the campaign on the Democratic side is about these days — bashing Bush or each other.

This isn’t World Wrestling, folks. It’s our country. It’s our future. It’s our lives. It’s our world.

Hell, I’m a Democrat. I voted against Bush. I should be the perfect audience for this: I’m Mr. Undecided; I can’t find a candidate I like; I’m dying to hear a vision I can buy. Instead, this only turns me off: More bashing, more carping, more complaining, no ideas.

It’s time to get past the complaining and do something.

It’s time to move on, MoveOn.

: More: Driving to a church meeting tonight, I kept thinking about this. What bothers me is that it’s venting, just venting.

Now venting feels good but it is essentially an immature response; it’s foot-stomping of the sort we all did when we toddled and we were supposed to get past that, to learn how to accomplish what we want instead of just complaining about what we don’t want.

But maybe Andrew Sullivan is right (below) and venting is really what the Democratic campaign is all about.

Howard Dean is the Venter-in-Chief.

And that’s what bugs me about him.

: AND ONE MORE THING… A comment talks about the ads professionals have made in campaigsn over the years and that got me to realize what else really bothers me about this: I expect the professionals to make bashfests, sadly. But I had hoped for something better from the people.

But, you know, I’ll bet there were better ads in the bunch, with more vision and hope and the ethic of building. But the jury Moveon picked wouldn’t pick those ads.

: In the comments, I also get pissed when someone tries to say I’m not liberal. Go see my pissyfit at the pissant (oh, no, a label!) there. I have to go to a church meeting now.

And, no, just because I’m going to church, it doesn’t mean I’m Republican. The most liberal people I know are in church…