Hitler = Hitler

Hitler = Hitler
: Daniel Drezner, channeling Andrew Sullivan, lobbies for an award for dumb/offensive/insensitive Hitler analogies.

He missed one. Jackie got it: The MoveOn Bush in 30 Seconds commercial that links Bush quotes on Iraq with Hitler’s on taking over the world.

Jackie’s upset; see her reasons.

I’m upset because this indicates the utter bankruptcy of my fellow liberals regarding any humanitarian cause these days.

Obviously, Hitler equals only Hitler.

But if you’re going to play this stupid game in this context, then the only correct analogy can be to say that Hitler equals Saddam. Mass murderer equals mass murderer. Tyrant equals tyrant. Fascist equals fascist.

These brain-dead, heart-dead, soul-dead fools create a moral equation in which Hitler is still at the bottom (I think) and Bush is next and we don’t see Saddam.

What horrid, evil thinking that is.