Blog divorce

Blog divorce
: Blogger Lisa Williams’ husband said he resents her PC because she blogs too much (aside: can you blog too much?). They’re working it out: He shared; she’s making breakfast; blog bliss.

But I’ll bet it won’t be long before we see our first blog divorce (with Glenn Reynolds listed as corespondent).

  • Not to get too much into people’s personal business, but I’m pretty sure we’ve already seen blog divorces. This phenomenon is half a decade old already, don’t forget. I know we’ve already seen blog marriages, blog babies, and blog jobs.

  • Ha! This made me laugh. Thanks, Jeff.

  • “blog widow” (or “blog widower”)

  • e

    on the other hand, blogs have been known to save marriages. Some bloggers partners are out there at this very moment thanking blog for the peace they now enjoy, as their partners hammer instead the keyboard rather then the long suffering ears of their loved ones.

  • Steve

    First blog divorce? It’s been happening, especially in the technology world where the concentration of bloggers is huge.