: Ad giant Euro RSCG releases its list of top 10 trends and blogging is one of them:

– Blogging: 2003 was the year in which weblogging — a.k.a. blogging — really took hold, with an estimated 3 million sites worldwide. In 2004, we’ll see more buzz marketing via blogs, as marketers figure out ways to use this new medium for their own means.

It’s actually a decent list. Other trends:

: Going Local: 2004 will be the year when neighbors entertain neighbors with a home-cooked (or at least reheated … ) stew at the kitchen table, informality being the subtheme, genuine bonding being the real theme. We’ll also put more emphasis on socializing in the neighborhood, at the very local restaurants, with extended tribes of families and friends. No age barriers, just the desire for comfort food with an urbane twist and real conversation versus the kissy-kissy greetings and superficiality of life before the New Normal.

Right. And don’t forget media going local. The Internet went global first. Now it’s drilling down to your town, your street, your house.

: Google Bombing and Further Politicization of the Internet: In 2004, we’ll see greater politicization of the Internet as more people take advantage of its ability to apply concentrated “people power,” whether by organizing volunteers for a political candidate, raising funds, or starting a boycott.

Witness Iran, Iraq, and Dean.

Hot Spots and E-Wear: The wireless revolution will expand further in 2004 thanks to the growth of “hot spots,” or public spaces in which wireless Internet connections are available. Technology research company Gartner estimates that the 29,000 hot spots in North America today will leap to more than 50,000 by the end of 2004. We’ll also see technology integrated into our wardrobes, with pockets designed to transport our portable gadgets. So-called “e-Wear” already on the market include the Levi’s Dockers Mobile Pant.

Plus, of course, metrosexuals.

It’s a good time, folks. We’ve forgotten that lately. But this is an exciting time. [via Blog Herald]