More photos from Baghdad


More photos from Baghdad
: Zeyad has put up more photos from the anti-terrorism demonstrations in Baghdad. This sign says, “Terrorism is humanity’s shame.” Ain’t that so! Go see them all.

: Update: The AFP story here.

Note that they put the word “terrorism” in “quotes.”

I guess killing civilians and Red Crescent workers may not be “terrorism.”

: See Colin MacLeod, who celebrates the Iraqi bloggers, “whom many of us consider the most welcome new additions to the blogosphere since the blogosphere was born.”

: I’ve been searching for “Baghdad demonstration” on GoogleNews, Reuters, the BBC, and the NY Times. The only story I find is that AFP story, above.

: UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds sends us to the UPI story and raw Reuters video. (Very hard to get to; click on Reuters Television and click on “more” until you see Iraqi demonstrations).

: Medienkritik says there’s next-to-no German media coverage.