Treo 600 geeking

Treo 600 geeking
: Dan Gillmor is planning to buy a Treo 600 and that’s good news for the rest of us Treogeeks, for he will write about any shortcoming he finds as Palm, if its smart, will fix it. In that line, I lobbied him with all my wishes when he asked me about using the Treo as a modem for my laptop (alas, it won’t work for Dan because he’s on Mac). Dan suggested that I post my wishlist and so, for those who care, click on more…


This works like a charm: It’s called PDAnet. You install it on the Treo (make sure you get the

600 version) and the PC; connect via the Treo; the PC looks on it as a

modem that has dialed out. I love it.

I got the Sprint version of the Treo because it is supposed to be faster (the GSM

version is said to have longer battery life).

I love the Treo and agree with you that it comes closest — so far — to

the right combination.

A few points:

1. I am dying to buy music from any of the legal services and play it on

my Treo; I bought a 512meg SD card just for that. But here’s the

problem: I cannot find a player for Palm that plays WMA files and all

the legal services use WMA instead of MP3. If you start lobbying….

2. I tried to use Audible on the 600 and I cannot get it to work and

could not get the slightest customer service out of Audible. They

advertise that it will work; it doesn’t.

3. I have been able to blog using the browser. I did just find a limit:

The text window that opens will take only so many characters. I wonder

whether I can use another browser.

4. I just ordered the travel cable that allows you to sync and charge

via USB because using the modem thing with PDAnet does drain the battery

on the phone pretty quickly. You might want to consider this.

5. I also just bought the keyboard to play with it.

6. I have been using the RSS reader you blogged; it works pretty well.

7. I use SnapperMail and it works well with my POP accounts. (The only

problem is that it bypasses my spam protections. But that will come.)

8. The phone interface isn’t the best but I’m not complaining.

9. I can’t wait until Movable Type gets mail-to-blog working at last!

Then I can moblog.

I do love the thing. Changes life.

Sorry for blathering; ask a simple question and this is what you get.

Werbach is great at the 600 too.