Treo 600 geeking

Treo 600 geeking
: Dan Gillmor is planning to buy a Treo 600 and that’s good news for the rest of us Treogeeks, for he will write about any shortcoming he finds as Palm, if its smart, will fix it. In that line, I lobbied him with all my wishes when he asked me about using the Treo as a modem for my laptop (alas, it won’t work for Dan because he’s on Mac). Dan suggested that I post my wishlist and so, for those who care, click on more…


This works like a charm: It’s called PDAnet. You install it on the Treo (make sure you get the

600 version) and the PC; connect via the Treo; the PC looks on it as a

modem that has dialed out. I love it.

I got the Sprint version of the Treo because it is supposed to be faster (the GSM

version is said to have longer battery life).

I love the Treo and agree with you that it comes closest — so far — to

the right combination.

A few points:

1. I am dying to buy music from any of the legal services and play it on

my Treo; I bought a 512meg SD card just for that. But here’s the

problem: I cannot find a player for Palm that plays WMA files and all

the legal services use WMA instead of MP3. If you start lobbying….

2. I tried to use Audible on the 600 and I cannot get it to work and

could not get the slightest customer service out of Audible. They

advertise that it will work; it doesn’t.

3. I have been able to blog using the browser. I did just find a limit:

The text window that opens will take only so many characters. I wonder

whether I can use another browser.

4. I just ordered the travel cable that allows you to sync and charge

via USB because using the modem thing with PDAnet does drain the battery

on the phone pretty quickly. You might want to consider this.

5. I also just bought the keyboard to play with it.

6. I have been using the RSS reader you blogged; it works pretty well.

7. I use SnapperMail and it works well with my POP accounts. (The only

problem is that it bypasses my spam protections. But that will come.)

8. The phone interface isn’t the best but I’m not complaining.

9. I can’t wait until Movable Type gets mail-to-blog working at last!

Then I can moblog.

I do love the thing. Changes life.

Sorry for blathering; ask a simple question and this is what you get.

Werbach is great at the 600 too.

  • Even if you did find an WMA player for Palm (unlikely, as WMA is a Microsoft-controlled propriatary format, and I doubt that Microsoft sees much point in making a WMA player for Palm), you’d still run into the problem that those files are DRMed and won’t play on unauthorized players.
    The work around is to buy music from the iTunes Music Store (which, incidentally, uses AAC instead of WMA), burn the AAC file to CD, and then re-import the file on CD as MP3. You can’t do a straight AAC->MP3 conversion because the AAC files are DRMed and iTunes won’t convert them.
    Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass, but it works.

  • I stopped using Palm O/S and went over to the dark side, so I don’t have problems 1, 2, 3, 4, or 7. My T-Mobile MDA ( comes with Windows Media Player; works with Audible; has a built-in version of IE lets me blog without a text limit; contains Outlook and so automatically syncs my e-mail and contacts with my desktop’s Outlook; and works fine with multiple IMAP or SMTP accounts via GSM or GPRS. It also comes preinstalled with Word, Excel, and Microsoft Reader. I’ve added Acrobat and will probably install PowerPoint so I’ll no longer have to carry a laptop for presentations. I also keep some 20 e-books and one or two movies (albeit mostly shorts, like the BMW Films series) on it at all times. I’ve been contantly carrying this device for about 18 monthsl I’d previously used a Handspring.
    A newer version of this MDA come out this autumn ( It features the MS Smartphone 2003 software, triband GSM and GPRS, a 400MHz Intel processor and 128 megs of built-in ROM (basically the power of an early Pentium desktop), Bluetooth, and a built-in digital camera.
    Just as broadband ‘always-on’ access changes how a person uses the Internet, so too does ‘always at’ access.

  • Jeff – for my part, I am thoroughly enjoying the Palm Zire 71. Palm’s OS 5 has been working well, and the camera is a gadgeteer’s bonus. Still some odd choices – like why can’t I attach someone’s picture to their address card? – but a good OS. I’m a Mac guy – and I can’t see going over to the dark side for a PDA. You’re right about Gillmor – they’ll listen if he talks.

  • Here’s my Treo 600 wishlist thus far: 1)A flash for the camera and better picture quality. 2)Of the four buttons at top – I’d like two changed. Right now we’re given phone, calendar, mail and on/off. I’d lose the calendar and mail keys and replace them with the home key and add a key for favorites. 3)I agree with Jeff that it’s annoying you can only send a short sentence along with a picture or blog post. But worse, if you lose the signal while you’re sending, (at least with Sprint) you have to re-type your message from scratch. Should be a way to save it. — But overall I totally love this thing. Great device that’s already changing the way I live and work.

  • I checked with my friends at Audible:
    “The Treo 600 plug in is available through AudibleManager. New customers can join and select the Treo as their device as AudibleManager sets up. This is for PC

  • Buzz:
    Thanks. I installed the software but I cannot get it to work with the 600 to save my soul. It’s overcomplicated and in the end,just doesn’t work. I tried to email them to get customer service. I TYPED IN CAPS AND CURSED to get their attention. Nothing but automated replies. I hope your friends are selling their stock!

  • I’d love to buy one of these bad boys but from what I understand (unless I’m being a total blockhead about this and I just missed something), Verizon doesn’t support the Treo 600 so I’d have to switch to another celluar phone company.
    Problem for me, at least, is that Verizon has the best telephone coverage I’ve found nationwide. Ugh! Most of the Sprint users I know hate their service. Am I missing something?
    Thanks for any advice you’ve got.

  • Frank Bajak

    I’m living proof that Audible works on the Treo 600. I’ve got the latest version of Audible Manager (4.0) on my Windows XP machine and had no problem. I presume you “activated” the Treo 600 and all that …