The speed of blog

The speed of blog
: Way back on Nov. 19, Hit & Run’s weblog broke the silly master/slave meme (in which a doofus California bureaucrat who should be unemployed by now sends out a memo instructing people involved with computers not to call devices masters or slaves because it violates the supreme law of the age — it’s offensive).

The story finally got picked up by the AP — and, in turn the Chicago Tribune — today.

See, guys, if you’d been reading weblogs, you could have stolen that story far sooner.

  • TX Bueller

    A techie offers an appropriate fix for LA County’s problem:

  • TX Bueller

    Here’s a clickable link for the above post:
    LA County “Fixes” and offensive computer hardware term.

  • amazing. first the NYT plagiarizes from a blog, now the big newspapers are just getting their news tips from blogs…

  • skh

    What amazes me about this whole damned subject is that there are master and slave cylinders for the braking system on every effing automobile in the world (at least on hydraulically-actuated brakes). Is this booger-pickin’ goombah going to demand that Ford, Chevy, and DaimlerBenz rehabilitate their offensive lexicon to conform to their PC bullshit? I haven’t seen this point made anywhere, but it would be the basis of a great blog entry for somebody with better composition skills than I.
    Liberals. Phhttt!