Blog scandal!

Blog scandal!
: There’s a scandal in the blogosphere but it’s not about sex (we’re all too damned geeky and dull for that); of course, it’s about links and traffic. Clay Shirky reports on Truth Laid Bare’s discovery that the Ecosystem is being manipulated with multiple Sitemeter counters.

Hey, I’d be happy if Technorati would once and for all and finally get me into the Top 100, where I belong!

  • “it’s not about sex (we’re all too damned geeky and dull for that)”
    Hey, speak for yourself. I pride myself on being geeky and sexually scandalous.
    Ok, well, a bear can dream…
    PS – And no, gentle reader, I’m not *that* kind of bear, but thanks for asking…

  • Jeff,
    I got up extra specially early today to figure out what the deal is with you and the top 100. I will leave the arena victorious, and you will see your rightful place in the top 100, I assure you…

  • Jeff: can I say something in the spirit of the rest of us who are lucky to have one-tenth your traffic? Can you please stop grousing about this technorati thing? It’s like a gambler counting his winnings at the table. I know you’re sorta kidding about all this but the joke’s getting old.

  • Steve H.

    I think it’s funny, and now that I see it’s making some wet blanket just a little wetter, I like it even more. Rock on, Jeff.

  • Should be fixed now, we fixed the bug that was mixing up the top 100, congrats. :-)