Pet peeve

Pet peeve
: Hey, bloggers: PUT YOUR DAMNED NAME ON YOUR HOME PAGES! I want to mention you by name not by blog or address when I link to you but I also don’t want to make a damned fool of myself and misspell your name. Too many of you forget to mention your names on your own pages. Silly, you. New readers come all the time. Have an ego. Be famous. Mention YOUR OWN DAMNED NAME! You know who you are. (But we don’t.)

  • mario

    Rightly said, Jeff.

  • Paul

    So, what kind of food would you be if you misspelled someone’s name? I’m gonna guess…cheeseburger.
    [ touche. got carried away. back now. i’m just an old fool – jeff ]

  • Jettison

    Your such a food.

  • Some of us want to remain quasi-anonymous. Sure, you could figure out who we are if you really cared. But you don’t. So we stay undercover. Some of us like it that way.

  • Patterico wins the prize for “Most Passive Aggressive Comment.” Rock on.

  • woah, jeff, chill dude. aren’t you the guy lamenting the passing of mellow one post away from this one? like the man said, some of us made a conscious choice to post (semi-)anonymously. it allows me the freedom to talk about some things that I might otherwise not be able, or at least willing, to. maybe I don’t need to be so cautious. maybe after I’ve been doing this for a few more months and have a better feel for what I’m really going to be posting, I’ll go public. but being undercover right now gives me the comfort I need to post in public. sorry.

  • my name is kevin.
    i’ve come out of my anonymous closet but still straight as ever.

  • the name is peat.
    your welcome.

  • Tim

    You never know what’s going to send Jeff over the edge…
    While we’re on the subject of pet peeves, it’s bugged me for some time that you don’t time-stamp your posts. Are you philosophically opposed, or did you just forget to check the preference?

  • You all can relax. He meant me.
    Oh, and come visit!

  • I always wondered why everyone wasn’t an ego-whore like me. The name is the blog is the name is the person.

  • I will assume that including such on the “About” page is sufficient? There really are so few Kevin bloggers I’m sure no one would confuse me with another :-).

  • Marcel Perez

    Whenever I see an obvious pseudonym attached to a statement, I always remember being reprimanded by a college newspaper editor as “not being courageous enough to identify myself” after complaining about the sexually explicit “Valentine Cards” published in the campus paper.
    I didn’t believe the fact that I sent my complaint in anonymously negated the validity of my claims, but I only got a short, terse criticsm for myself, stuck unceremoniously in the personal ads.
    I immdiately called the student editor, introduced myself, and proceeded to tell him exactly what I thought of him and his paper.
    I was wasting my time as my protestations fell on profoundly deaf ears.
    Some people feel this way when asked to give credence to the opinions of people who use the cloak of anonymity; and are immune from direct criticism or challenge.