Covering the Bush Thanksgiving mission

Covering the Bush Thanksgiving mission
: The Independent put this headline on it: “The Turkey Has Landed.”

: The Guardian seems to have ignored it on their home page.

: The BBC tried to find a dark lining to this silver cloud, below.

: The Ranting Profs say this regarding media coverage:

when the subject comes up (and it will) as to whether this was a PR stunt, consider that it was an awful lot of trouble to go to for a stunt that would be covered by the B, C, or D team on every network, when one cable network isn’t even staffed, on what has to be the worst watched news night in American family life of the year with the exceptions of Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years Eve. And then look at the tears welling up in the man’s eyes and tell me you think this was a cynical ploy, even if you think everything else he has done in Iraq has been a terrible mistake.

” The Profs also predict that some will try to stir up a stink about the White House telling the press a lie to make this event happen. Tough noogies, I say. Security was everything. The press was on the trip. Wack that gopher.

: And in the San Francisco Chronic, Mark Morford wrote this turkey before the President’s trip:

Be thankful that you do not have to suffer Dubya’s massive crushing karmic burden, as wrought by inflicting heaps of environmental disaster and vicious unnecessary war and a stunning string of lies lies lies like a firehose of giblet gravy splattered all over the planet.

For it really is all too plain: G.W. Bush is one of the most reviled and openly disrespected major world leaders in modern history. America has never been so embarrassed and reluctant to send a president abroad. We cringe when the man takes the stage.

My, what bad timing you have, you twit.