British Bias Corporation

British Bias Corporation
: The BBC gives an instant analysis of the Bush trip to Baghdad:

President Bush’s visit to Iraq was a morale-booster for troops far from home on the most important family day of the year for Americans.

But the need for secrecy also emphasised the difficulties of the US-led occupation of Iraq.

It was notable, too, that Mr Bush chose the “war on terror” as a major theme of his visit, linking Iraq to that worldwide war.

He is already making it the highlight of his gathering campaign to win next November’s presidential election.


Of course, the trip was executed in secrecy. There are still dangerous people — I’d call them terrorists — there trying to shoot down cargo jets, and kill Iraqi children, and murder Red Cross workers, let alone Presidents. (Hey, read your own service and see that there are terrorists being arrested even in Britain today. Guess that indicates you’re losing a war at home, eh?)

And, of course, the “war on terror” (why is that in quotes?) is a theme of what he said because (a) he has been saying that consistently and (b) it is a war on terror.

: Uh, Mr. Dyke, head of the BBC, is this what you were talking about when you said U.S. TV is not giving balanced coverage and you are? Your own “journalists” are making a liar of you. But then, you did a pretty good job of that yourself.