Vote for Hoder!

Vote for Hoder!
: Hossein Derakhshan, the Iranian weblog pioneer, has decided to run for the Iranian parliament!

See also the post below on the at-home primary. I suspect that weblogs give a person a small scent of power and can change their lives.

Hoder: Put up a tip jar for your campaign. I suspect there are no campaign spending limits in Iran, are there?

Update: In the comments, Sassan worries that this will put Hossein in jeopardy. I fear his incredible activities online could do that as well.

But if he merely tries to run — even if from afar, even if not allowed to, even if unable to campaign or win — sends a most powerful message:

Here is a man who has created a new political power base online.

We’ve joked about a blogger running for office in the U.S. Hoder is doing it.

We’ve joked about starting a revolution online. Hoder has done it.

I pray that Hoder does nothing to put himself at risk. But I stand in awe of what he has accomplished.