Vote for Hoder!

Vote for Hoder!
: Hossein Derakhshan, the Iranian weblog pioneer, has decided to run for the Iranian parliament!

See also the post below on the at-home primary. I suspect that weblogs give a person a small scent of power and can change their lives.

Hoder: Put up a tip jar for your campaign. I suspect there are no campaign spending limits in Iran, are there?

Update: In the comments, Sassan worries that this will put Hossein in jeopardy. I fear his incredible activities online could do that as well.

But if he merely tries to run — even if from afar, even if not allowed to, even if unable to campaign or win — sends a most powerful message:

Here is a man who has created a new political power base online.

We’ve joked about a blogger running for office in the U.S. Hoder is doing it.

We’ve joked about starting a revolution online. Hoder has done it.

I pray that Hoder does nothing to put himself at risk. But I stand in awe of what he has accomplished.

  • They will kill him the first day he goes back to Iran.

  • Sassan:
    A most sobering comment.
    I fear the jeopardy Hoder is already in thanks to his online publishing activities.
    But I do hope that at least trying to run also makes a statement that will resonate: online as a power base.
    I also hope that he never does anything to put himself in danger.

  • button

    I meant to tell you what ‘kaveh’ did the other day– and I’m not tattling on him. Kaveh goes over to the group of new Iraqi bloggers and leaves a comment on their comment thread like this: there are thousands of Iranian blogs. How come there are only a few Iraqi blogs? Like he’s tweaking their noses. What a mischievous kid he turned out to be… like Dennis the Menace.

  • mehdi

    In Iran, parlimentarians are elected from their districts, and also there are four seats assigned to different minorities(Zorostians, Jews, Armenians,…). I wonder if he can say he is representing the minority of bloggers and they should have one seat in the parliment.

  • button

    Mehdi’s idea sounds like it could be the scenario for a philip k. dick type novel or movie.
    it’s ‘beyond the matrix.’

  • Jeff Jarvis
    Thanks for replying my comment.
    I wanted to say that you should have seen his Persian blog, it’s different then his English off course. His political statements on his Persian blog, are not thought provoking, it’s a waste of time. I have nothing against him. He should just go his way. We Iranians have to be involved in Politics, in Sports in everything I think you get the idea.

  • Anonymous

    Iran is not a shitty place where a supper idiot like Bush can run for President. Iran is a real democracy and people like Bush and arnold and derakhshan can only clean washrooms. Thats all.

  • What democracy? Show me a sign of democracy in Iran.

  • Recently, I met with Hossein (Hoder) in person and recorded an interview. If you’re interested in learning more about him and his thoughts, (I certainly was) come by and check it out. We’re publishing it in 2 parts at BlogsCanada. The first part went up today. See:
    I’ll come back tomorrow and post the permalink for the second half.