The cure to the TV news blues

The cure to the TV news blues
: Here’s the real cure to the TV news problem (see the post below): be your own producer. MSN has up a beta of its pick-your-own-news video service. It’s pretty good. They offer 10 stories. I watched two. I’m happy. Iwatched their commercial. They’re happy.

Think of this as a video blog.

Or think of it as the video GoogleNews.

It’s TV news on my terms. I can skip that stupid busiest-travel-day-of-the-year story today. And I can skip those stupid busiest-shopping-days-of-the-year on Friday and the day after Christmas. I’ll also skip most city-digs-out-after-blizzard stories, thank you. And I’ll admit that I’m not getting much out of the conjoined-twins-separated-in-long-and-risky-operation stories, either.

Give it a try. [via Lost Remote]

: UPDATE: See also Terry Heaton’s column that adds to this citizens’ video.

I’m working on just that now.

  • I like the way that our local ABC affiliate does it, but letting you browse their site and add stories as you go (although not every story is available).
    Either way it’s a great idea, and I’m much more willing to watch a commercial in a newscast where all the stories are of interest to me.

  • Can I filter out all stories that mention Tom Daschle being either “very concerned” and/or “deeply saddened”?
    I would pay for that feature.

  • Nathan

    It only works if there is a choice of unbiased news to select from. It’s not of much value to outfits like the CBC (Canada’s al-Jazzera news network,) The most unwatched, liberal government funded and controlled irrelevant broadcasting Corp. (Peter mansbridge reminds me of “Ted Baxter” on the Mary Tyler Moore show)