The cure to the TV news blues

The cure to the TV news blues
: Here’s the real cure to the TV news problem (see the post below): be your own producer. MSN has up a beta of its pick-your-own-news video service. It’s pretty good. They offer 10 stories. I watched two. I’m happy. Iwatched their commercial. They’re happy.

Think of this as a video blog.

Or think of it as the video GoogleNews.

It’s TV news on my terms. I can skip that stupid busiest-travel-day-of-the-year story today. And I can skip those stupid busiest-shopping-days-of-the-year on Friday and the day after Christmas. I’ll also skip most city-digs-out-after-blizzard stories, thank you. And I’ll admit that I’m not getting much out of the conjoined-twins-separated-in-long-and-risky-operation stories, either.

Give it a try. [via Lost Remote]

: UPDATE: See also Terry Heaton’s column that adds to this citizens’ video.

I’m working on just that now.