: MoveOn made a movie. You can watch the trailer; looks like the Reefer Madness of WMDs.

  • Joe

    I wonder if the former CIA guy with 35 years in Pakistan goes into how they were able to surprise us with their nuclear tests in ’98, or if his career felt any repercussions for that critical lapse.

  • Dishman


  • Greg

    “looks like the Reefer Madness of WMDs.”
    Haha, I’ve been meaning to see Reefer Madness, but the whs we have of it is broken :(

  • Greg

    I like how the trailer already contradicts itself.
    Half of them say there is no link of Al Queda to Iraq and WMDs, then one guy says “Failed states breed terrorism”. Funny stuff.

  • capt joe

    These sort of groups looking at movie have been around a while. I got a flyer in my neighborhood about a group getting together to watch a Barrie Zwicker film. In it he repeats his claim that the US was behind 9/11.
    Sounds like more of the same old tyme religion.