Advice, please

Advice, please
: I got a digital camera for Zeyad. Any advice on how to — reliably — ship it to Iraq?

Zeyad thinks FedEx might do the trick (but I can’t find any reference to them shipping there). Suggestions from those who know?

: More advice: I pushed Zeyad to get a PayPal tip jar to, at a minimum, pay for his expensive Internet access or, at a maximum, convince him that his future lies in reporting, not dentistry. The problem, you’ll recall, was how to get the money to him.

Zeyad pulled a London cousin out of his hat and that seemed like the solution. But Cuz is not unwisely worried that Inland Revenue (read: IRS) authorities will wonder whether this money came from. Any help from British tax whizes about how to set up an account or transfer that won’t cause headaches?

: It’s all in a good cause. And if this works for Zeyad, I know of other bloggers who are ready to help other Iraqi bloggers.

: And, by the way, some nice blogger bought Zeyad his own domain. So you can now go to