Advice, please

Advice, please
: I got a digital camera for Zeyad. Any advice on how to — reliably — ship it to Iraq?

Zeyad thinks FedEx might do the trick (but I can’t find any reference to them shipping there). Suggestions from those who know?

: More advice: I pushed Zeyad to get a PayPal tip jar to, at a minimum, pay for his expensive Internet access or, at a maximum, convince him that his future lies in reporting, not dentistry. The problem, you’ll recall, was how to get the money to him.

Zeyad pulled a London cousin out of his hat and that seemed like the solution. But Cuz is not unwisely worried that Inland Revenue (read: IRS) authorities will wonder whether this money came from. Any help from British tax whizes about how to set up an account or transfer that won’t cause headaches?

: It’s all in a good cause. And if this works for Zeyad, I know of other bloggers who are ready to help other Iraqi bloggers.

: And, by the way, some nice blogger bought Zeyad his own domain. So you can now go to

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    I thought DHL was flying stuff there but it was just hit by a rocket.
    Try asking Farouz in Dallas. She’s on his sidebar.
    There were some air cowboys who were flying in there, one was South African or Aussie, I think, but I don’t remember the details anymore, although I did blog them at the time their names were mentioned in a news article.
    The CIA used to have a bunch of air cowboys who used to fly stuff into Asia– what was it called? Air America, I think. Maybe they’re still flying.
    Surely, one of the Iraqi expatriates with family still over there will have the information you want.
    You don’t generally favor my suggestions, like the Rolex watch thing.
    :-) But I didn’t make that up!
    Just trying to be helpful.

  • All commercial air freight shipments are on temporary delay, due to the incident with the DHL plane. However, FedEx had been doing some shipping of toys to Chief Wiggles, so, they apparently had some kind of service there. Iraq is listed on their roster of countries, on their web-site.
    Perhaps a query through their website might get you an answer.

  • No idea of the legality, talk to your local postmaster, but if Z has any American soldier friends – perhaps a reader of this blog stationed in his neighborhood – you could relay it through their APO address.

  • Air America only resides in memory.

  • Irving

    About the Tip Jar and PayPal stuff. I noticed that this site is powered by Moveable Type. If bloggers are getting income from their blogs, they need to purchase the Commercial version of Moveable Type, rather than using the Free license. It doesn’t look like Zeyad uses Moveable Type, but there may be licensing issues with putting up a “tip jar” with what ever software he does use.
    Just a Caution.

  • Parabellum

    Maybe Chief Wiggles could help with the camera.

  • Osborne

    DHL have been shipping regularly into Baghdad for months. The collection point is the Palestine Hotel, and the price is outrageous – like $150 a kilo. The suspension (because of the damaged plane) is meant to be short-term – for a matter of days only.
    I think your best bet would be to ask someone from a news crew to take it in for you. Journalists I know are always packing stuff down their pant-legs for people in Baghdad.
    Congratulations on finding/ encouraging Zeyad, by the way, Jeff.

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    Here’s the info I blogged on this topic:
    The first commercial flight into Baghdad since before the war is to arrive at roughly noon today …[snip]…The Air Baghdad service has been started by Peter Henderson, a South African entrepreneur. ::From a story by Betsy Pisik for The Washington Times.
    from my entry posted on Thurs – May 8
    at ****

  • Irving: no they don’t. Not if the money so gathered is a donation, which is the case with most blogs that have a Paypal button. What is and isn’t considered “commercial use” of the software was already hashed out months ago in a big blog discussion, and you can read the license rules on Movable Type’s site.

  • Irving

    Hmm…seems pretty clear to me in the license rules… whish I read as:
    “he Software may not be used for direct, or indirect commercial purposes without first obtaining a Commercial Use License from Licensor that covers your intended use.”
    as well as the prohibition
    “…receiving compensation for any service that uses the Software…”
    I did not see any specific expemtion for “donations” and or “blogging.” A donation is indirect compensation.
    If this has been hashed out “with Moveable Type” please help me out with a link…I’d like to use Moveable Type myself for certain indirect purposes.

  • Irving

    Okay I found this on the FAQ page:
    “Q: I have a wishlist link or tip jar on my site, is that considered a commercial use?
    A: A site including links such as Amazon Wishlists, tip jar or donation payments through PayPal or Amazon Honor System links, or merchandise sold through CafePress is not considered a commercial site if such links are not the primary purpose of the site and if the site’s use of Movable Type falls within the limitations described in the Personal Use license.”
    A little murky at the end there with the boolean AND clause. But I can see how it can be read either way.

  • Well, all I know is that if tips jars etc. were grounds for having to fork over $150, there wouldn’t be a great many blogs using Movable Type.