A favor

A favor
: Do me a favor: I was so impressed with what Rob Curley is doing in Lawrence, KS with a siet and paper that speak to university students — something established newspaper companies have never succeeded at doing — that I want to look at the good and bad of what other companies are doing.

Please leave me comments about any new products you see coming from newspaper or other media companies in your market, whether aimed at youth or commuters or anybody else. If it’s new or different — good or especially bad — I want to know about it.

I already know about the two Chicago allegedly youth-oriented tabs. I know about Metro in Boston and Philly. I have seen, unfortunately, AM New York. I’d like to get copies of the Dallas papers (anybody there?).

What else? I’d like to end up with a list. Thanks for the help.

: But I can save all that effort and just read the advice of Eric Celeste in the Dallas Observer [via Blogistan]. He has one word of advice for big media companies trying to reach young readers. And it’s a word I can’t print.

Actually, he has more than that and it’s good advice:

…three qualities that young people demand, things few dailies have: 1) They’re smartly written, because kids are smarter than you think; 2) they’re useful, while much of what is in newspapers can be found easily and quickly online; and 3) they reflect the world young people live in….

Which brings us to No. 3. This is key. Young people want the world as they see it: without filters. It’s why they love The Daily Show. Because it’s smart, informed, crude and passionate.”

I’ll spare you the obvious blogcentric analysis of tomorrow’s media…