Paris the thought!

Paris the thought!
: An US writer appears on Howard Stern’s show this morning to report that Paris Hilton is so upset over her video-oh that she’s “bawling” and even “doesn’t feel like going to parties anymore.” No, not that!

: There’s a fun game started in the comments. One says the parents were nuts to put a city name before that last name and he wants to introduct himself as Des Moines Airport Hilton. Another suggests a change to Monaco Hilton.

I, however, think that given current behavior, the most appropriate new moniker might be Fresno Hilton.

Any other nominations?

  • Mike G

    I just have to say, how dumb do you have to be to be the heirs to a hotel chain and name your kid for a city? If I met Paris Hilton and she said her name, I’d have a hard time not replying, “Yeah, and I’m Des Moines Airport Sheraton.”

  • Declan

    I haven’t seen the video but I hear it is super lame!

  • Ah, the social scene will be bereft of her grace, charm, and wit ?? Bwahahahahahahaha!!

  • Jeremy

    Maybe she’s named after the similarly shallow Greek Paris? (The one that made off with Helen)

  • Chocolatier

    Time for a name change. I suggest Monaco Hilton.

  • Considering current behavior, I’d say Fresno Hilton would be most appropriate.

  • KMK

    Before and After
    Horne Hilton (Horne, Maine)
    Bawling Hilton (Bawling, Alabama)

  • John

    Considering current behavior, I’d say Fresno Hilton would be most appropriate.
    After her current behavior, mom and dad may want to change her last name to Embassy Suites or Hampton Inns so no one will think she’s part of the corporate family anymore…

  • You mean that was her real name? Why do I get the feeling her folks were into wife-swapping and other “swinger” pursuits back in the seventies…

  • Hmm, I think Intercourse Hilton (Intercourse, PA) would be a propos.

  • dancing on graves, most unbecoming

  • KMK

    Yes Eric, your such an adult. No fun to be had at all. Like say this – Babs Jarvis

  • KMK:
    It was a joke, based on a verbatim quote of Mr. Jarvis’s censurious comments regarding those of us base enough to take some small amount of schaudenfreude at Howell Rainse’s travails.

  • KMK

    My apologies Eric. I remember now (doh!) and I believe I said he could find me dancing in the graveyard with Andrew. Again, apologies it went right past me.

  • Jim C.

    Only tangentially related, but I thought you might like this (from an old comedy routine).
    Some of the Hilton hotels have nicknames.
    Berlin – Adolf Hilton
    Tel Aviv – Hilton Schmilton
    Pisa – Hilton Tiltin’
    Moscow – Comrade Hilton

  • Van Nuys Hilton or Chatsworth Hilton would have been rather appropriate considering she liked to make adult movies.

  • buzz

    Paris motel 6 seems a bit more appropriate