Hal, your plays suck, by the way

Hal, your plays suck, by the way
: Harold Pinter’s latest on America:

Under Bush’s leadership, Pinter said, the United States resembled Nazi Germany in its ambitions. He compared the prison camp for terrorism suspects at Guant

  • Pele

    What has the quality of his plays got to do with his views on the direction he thinks America is taking. Wouldn’t it be a bit more ‘grown up’ to discredit his arguments than that knee-jerk reaction thing?

  • No, Pele, the point is that I think many people secretly thought his plays made no frigging sense. And the truth is, Pinter makes no frigging sense. His public pronouncements on America are the best evidence of that. But so are his plays. The emperor has no sense.

  • KMK

    Jeff – Stephen Pollard is a good read. http://www.stephenpollard.net/index.html
    He and Jackie D are two daily Brit reads for me. He posted the 60 Q’s Guardian article on his site too. I really think he has a good grasp on British politics. IMHO.

  • KMK, yeah, I just had a read of Mr Pollard. Not bad at all.
    The whole appeal of Tony Blair to Middle England was he could offer a fiscally responsible yet college-professor-friendly form of wishy-washy socialism (“Please refill my glass of chilled Merlot while I harp on some more about Exxon” etc), and still manage somehow to keep the loony-left in check. With the loony-left now on the rampage (seriously, Jeff, I’d say it was less than 5% of the poulation, though where you draw the line that seperates the liberals from the loons is a matter of opinion) Tony is of no more use to Middle England. New Labour is finished. Expect a Tory comeback within a few years.
    Still, I actually like Tony now, even though I’m not a Labour voter. I think his firm stand on the war was admirable. A lesser man would’ve just started imitating Martin Sheen.

  • KMK

    You might enjoy these two also but for different reasons. I really do enjoy Harry’s blog but after the other day, I don’t know. I still don’t know what that post was about. Maybe he wrote it because Jeff had a go at Gene in a previous post? To perplexing. Stephen is a good read. Jeff is in good company with him because he was also (as he put it) attacked by the Guardian http://www.stephenpollard.net/001161.html
    and got a retraction/apology of sorts. http://www.stephenpollard.net/001162.html
    These are the other two I mentioned.
    A Thacherish think tank.
    A little left, mostly center.

  • JorgXMcKie

    I had to study Pinter’s plays some time ago for a required course, and soon found out that no criticism of any kind was allowed because the man was a genius. We could criticize Shakespeare, but not Pinter. Telling.
    After hearing him on BBC World Tonight (or something like that) on NPR, I have decided, once again, that the man is one of those empty barrels on the Left.

  • I’ve found Pinter’s plays to be very moving when performed well, but then again, I love John Le Carre’s novels. Both of them are raving moonbats when they open their mouths about politics. Should I go see a new movie with both Tim Robbins AND Sean Penn? Maybe it’s a good movie.